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egyptian armed forces

Statement No. 7 of the General Command of the Armed Forces on the Comprehensive Operation "Sinai 2018"

Armed Forces News14/02/2018

The counter-terrorism forces have continued their planned combat operations to clear the northern and central Sinai zones from the terrorist strongholds, besides their role in securing the land and coastal borders along the various strategic directions. The operations have resulted in the following successes:

- The Air Force targeted and destroyed 11 targets after receiving accurate intelligence information that they had been used to harbor terrorist elements and provide shelter from the forces under attack.

- The elimination of the number of 15 Takfiris during an exchange of fire with the forces during the sweeps and raids and the seizure of a number of weapons, ammunition and wireless communication equipment.

- The discovery and destruction of 2 underground shelter which contained more than 1500 kg of C4, a huge amount of the highly explosive TNT, 56 detonators and 13 circuits to be used in manufacturing of IEDs.

- Detecting and destroying a radio station (re-transmission), on top of a mountainous terrain, which was used for radio communications among terrorists.

- The discovery and destruction of a tunnel opening in the northern Sinai border area, as well as the destruction of 38 of the trenches used by terrorist elements to hide from troops during operations.

- Arresting and taking legal action against 153 suspected criminals including other foreign nationalities.

- The destruction of 181 hideouts and a mountain-store which contained quantities of highly explosive materials, chemicals used in the manufacturing of IEDs, 76 booby traps, detonation circuits, and large quantities of car spare-parts, motorcycles and fuel belong to the terrorist elements.

- Seizure and destruction of 6 cars and 17 motorcycle without license plates.

- The elements of military engineers detected, dismantled and detonated 63 explosive devices, which were planted on the various axes to target our forces in the areas of operations.

- The discovery and destruction of 13 plantations of marijuana and poppy plant and the seizure of more than 800 kg of narcotics.

Along the coasts, the navy is inspecting all suspected ships and vessels and disrupting the supply and evacuation routs for terrorist elements. Operations take place in conjunction with the naval special-forces units carrying out raids and inspecting terrorist strongholds in the coastal areas.

The joint combat groups of the armed forces and the police continued to organize 563 ambushes and unplanned security patrols on the main roads and sweep the desert-back zones in the governorates. They also managed to arrest one of the highly dangerous Takfiri elements and arrested five others during monitoring the movements of the forces. Satellite communication devices were found in their possession. The armed forces and the police continue to clean up the precious land of Sinai with determination and a high fighting spirit to protect the nation and its great people.​