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egyptian armed forces

Statement No. 19 of the General Command of the Armed Forces on the Comprehensive Operation "Sinai 2018"

Armed Forces News14/04/2018

In completion to the operations in Sinai, the Armed Forces and the Police continue to carry out the planned tasks, destroy terrorist strongholds and hotbeds, seize fugitives and control the areas of operations in north and central Sinai and in all strategic directions. The operations in the past days have resulted in the following successes:

• 6 dangerous takfiris were killed during the targeting of the Air Force to a stronghold that terrorists took shelter in.

• 9 dangerous takfiris were eliminated and 114 suspects were arrested, of whom 21 are criminally wanted in northern and central Sinai.

• 12 takfiris were eliminated during an exchange of fire with the Police. 3 rifles, 2 pistols, an explosive device ready for detonation, and means of subsistence were all found in their possession. Intel obtained mentioned that they were hiding in a deserted house in the precinct of the 3rd Sector police station in El-Arish.

• A takfiri training camp was detected and destroyed that consisted of a shooting range, an obstacle course, a tunnel leading to an underground lecture room, and a number of hideouts full of amounts of ammunition and communication devices.

• 15 vehicles used by terrorist elements were destroyed/seized.

• 43 motorcycles without metal plates were seized and destroyed during the combing and raiding.

• 150 hideouts, strongholds and stores were destroyed that contained a quantity of rations, military clothes and quantities of ammunition and fuel.

• The Military Engineers detected and destroyed 30 explosive devices that were planted to target the raid forces in the areas of operations.

• 20 plantations of bango and poppy plant were detected and destroyed, and quantities of narcotic substances destined for circulation in north and central Sinai were seized.

In the continued efforts of the Navy to secure the coasts, units of the Southern Fleet in the Red Sea, in cooperation with the Directorate General for Combating Drugs at the Ministry of Interior, apprehended a suspicious vessel after carrying out the right to visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS), and found 1350 kg of crude heroin which could be used to make 14 tons of mixed heroin.

More than 585 checkpoints and security patrols were conducted on the main roads and desert back areas by tactical formations and Border Guards, in cooperation with the Police to assume full control over the border areas in the western and southern directions.

On the western strategic direction, the Border Guards were also able to seize one of the supply lines of takfiris through the west, and seized 831 automatic guns, air pressure rifles, 1384 blank gun, more than 80,000 rounds of ammunition, 2300 mobile phones, 3450000 drug tablets, large amounts of cannabis, medical supplies, drugs, medicines and 20 kg of silver objects. In addition to the discovery and destruction of a number of tunnels in the city of Rafah in north Sinai, including a main tunnel of 1400 meters in length.

The Armed Forces and the Police continue to assume control on all strategic directions with determination and a high fighting morale to complete their noble mission in order to protect the nation and its great people.