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egyptian armed forces

Egyptian Armed Forces

Ministry of Defense

egyptian armed forces

Lieutenant General \ Mohamed Farid Hegazy

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces
Rank Lieutenant General
Branch of Service Infantry
Date of Birth 05/05/1954
Graduation Date 01/04/1977
College Military Academy
Promotion Date 28/10/2017
>Minister of Defense
Military Education
  • Holds all Infantry qualifying courses
  • Staff Officers General Course
  • Higher War College Course
Main Command Posts
  • All Infantry commanding posts up to Mechanized Infantry Division Commander
  • Northern Military Zone, Chief of Staff
  • Second Field Army, Chief of Staff
  • Second Field Army, Commander
  • Ministry of Defense, Secretary General
  • Minister of Defense, Assistant
Medals and Decorations
  • Medal of June 30, 2013
  • Medal of January 25, 2011
  • Medal of Training
  • Medal of Military Duty
  • Medal of Long Service and Good Example
  • Medal of Excellent Service