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6th of October Panorama

Historical Background

The museum was founded in 1983, to emphasize the military and cultural cooperation between The Arab Republic of Egypt and The Democratic Republic of Korea, commemorate the 6th of October glorious Victory, and document the mighty Egyptian people's heroism. It was inaugurated on the 5th of October 1989. Later in 2018, the museum underwent renovation, maintenance and development works, and was subsequently reopened in 2019. The museum aims at documenting the October War, as a witness to the potent Egyptian people's bravery, while defending their land, through an interactive and distinguished museum display, taking advantage of the latest technology. The museum was established on a large area of 31,000 square meters, which includes an open-air yard with a view of the main construction of the circular panorama, in addition to the "Tahya-Masr" (Long Live Egypt) structure.

Museum Display

It represents the story of the Egyptian people's opposition and victory in one of the Egyptian Armed Forces most significant battles in history, via a museum display scenario which documents the phases before, during, and after October War, using various museum displays suitable for all ages.

Educational Activities

The museum presents multiple educational activities for school students of different ages, students with special needs, and academic researchers, in a way that links the museum collections to the ...

Museum Facilities

The museum seeks to present a group of facilities that provide maximum comfort for the visitors to enjoy the museum displays and the different museum services such as: ...

Museum Services

The museum offers a group of services targeting the visitors' comfort and pleasure, especially the special-needs visitors, including: ...

Museum visits

Opening hours : All week days, 5 tours daily

Morning : from 9 am until 3 pm (3 tours, two hours per each)

Afternoon : from 5 pm until 9 pm (2 tours, two hours per each)

Tickets : : include (admission - open-air display – Reception lobby – Persistence and Challenge Hall – the Panoramic Hall – the Crossing Hall)


The museum is located on Salah Salem St. - Nasr City, Cairo, near Ard Al-Maared Metro Station and Cairo International Stadium.