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egyptian armed forces

6th of October Panorama

  • The idea of its establishment came subsequently after the visit of the former President of the DPRK in 1983. The panorama was carried out by Korean technicians to match the victory of October and the heroism achieved by the people of Egypt and its sons of the Armed Forces. It was established in Nasr City and overlooking near the Cairo Stadium. Its area is 31 thousand square meters of which 6 thousand square meters as a parking area. It was opened in the celebration of October holidays on October 5, 1989.
  • Panorama Building is located in Nasr City and overlooks Salah Salem Road near Cairo Sports Stadium.
  • The Exposition HALL is an open display platform, one of which displays models of the weapons of our troops that participated in the October 1973 war, and other captured weapons.
  • The cylindrical main building with a diameter of 44 m and a height of 27 m, topped by a tower of iron and copper, and a height of 10.5 meters .
  • The Circular Hall.
  • Exhibition Hall (1) HOLDS 50 spectators: Exhibits of the Armed Forces from 1967 to 1973 .
  • Exhibition Hall (2) HOLDS 50 spectators: Exhibits the heroic crossing.
  • Exhibition Hall (3) HOLDS 50 spectators: Exhibits the main branches of the Armed Forces during the October 1973 war .
  • Exhibition Hall (4) HOLDS 50 Visitors: Historical Library with electronic systems archiving all data concerning the martyrs of the October 1973 war .
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