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egyptian armed forces

Egyptian Armed Forces

Ministry of Defense

egyptian armed forces

Museum Display

It represents the story of the Egyptian people's opposition and victory in one of the Egyptian Armed Forces most significant battles in history, via a museum display scenario which documents the phases before, during, and after October War, using various museum displays suitable for all ages.

open-Air Exhibition Area

It displays a collection of the Egyptian military weapons and equipment, and the weapons captured from the enemy during October War. The exhibition includes a fountain and sound and light systems to present dazzling night shows over the circular design, using the "Projection Mapping" technology.

Permanent Galleries

Museum Lobby

includes a maquette for the museum building, its annexes, facilities, and services. It is presented in three languages Arabic, English, and French by means of a virtual guide. There is also a number of wallcharts for the most important military battles the Egyptian army engaged in from the ancient Egyptian era until October war 1973, in addition to a collection of weapons using the hologram technology and digital screens.

Persistence and Challenge Gallery

plays a movie with the same name which addresses the phases of reestablishing the Armed Forces, and the War of Attrition after 1967 in preparation for the battle of victory, through a 3D movie theater with various effects (sound – smoke – water…etc).

The Panoramic Gallery

includes a movable circular stage facing an enormous oil painting and a battlefield maquette. The hall is designed to represent the epic of crossing the Suez Canal, along with sound and light interactive systems.

The Crossing Gallery

A cinematic screen displays the crossing operation and represents the phases of the glorious October War as well as the Peace Negotiations, in form of a graphic movie on a jumbo-sized screen to attract the visitors.

The Army and The People Gallery

One of the digital showrooms that includes a round screen with laser effects and developed sound systems. It displays the most prominent contemporary events of the 25th of January Revolution and the 30th of June Revolution, highlighting the aspects of coherence between the Army and the People to defend their homeland, as well as representing the most noteworthy projects targeting modernization and development.