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Egyptian Armed Forces

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egyptian armed forces

Armed Forces and Police Patrols to Secure Christmas Celebrations in Different Governorates

Armed Forces News26/12/2017

As part of the celebrations of the Egyptian people of the New Year, and in accordance with the directives of the General Command of the Armed Forces, elements of the Armed Forces have begun to deploy within the scope of the field armies and military zones to help the security services of the Ministry of Interior in protecting the facilities and public utilities and places of worship, in addition to securing roads and main traffic axes in many governorates. Security patrols, combat groups and members of the military police and rapid intervention forces were deployed to assist the police in securing public facilities and vital objectives within the scope of their responsibility, and organizing joint ambushes and mobile patrols that roam the streets and main squares to reassure and provide security and safety for citizens during the celebrations and to tackle any attempt to break the law.