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egyptian armed forces

Statement No. 5 of the General Command of the Armed Forces on the Comprehensive Operation "Sinai 2018"

Armed Forces News12/02/2018

In continuation of the comprehensive operation in Sinai 2018, carried out by elements of all major branches of the Armed Forces, and in full cooperation with the departments of the Ministry of the Interior, the Counter Terrorism Forces, carried out a robust attack on terrorist Hot spots, hidden places of weapons and ammunition storage in Northern and Central Sinai, synchronized with air strikes and concentrated artillery fire. where so far achieved the following results:

- The Air Force monitored and destroyed 60 terrorist elements targets after the availability of intelligence information about these targets.

- Eliminating (12) armed Takfiri elements during an exchange of fire with the Counter Terrorism Forces.

- Seizing quantities of arms and ammunition.

- Arresting (92) criminals and suspects, and taking legal action against them.

- Seizing, destroying and restraining of (20) vehicles used by terrorist elements in their criminal operations to intimidate citizens, and destroying (27) motorcycles without metal plates.

- Destroying 30 terrorist hotspots and a storehouse containing quantities of chemicals used in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices, radios, and a number of spare parts and narcotics.

- Military engineering elements discovered and detonated (23) explosive devices were planted in the areas of operations.

- Discovering and destroying (7) banjo plantations and poppy seeds and seizing more than half a ton of drugs.

- Discovering (13) underground stashes containing large quantities (food items - motorcycle spare parts - explosive devices).

- Detecting / destroying a trench with a length of 250 meters and a width of 2 meters.

- Discovering A workshop for dismantling stolen vehicles.

In Continuation of the successes of the air force in imposing state sovereignty on various strategic directions, the air force succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of arms and ammunition into the country through the western strategic direction by targeting and destroying (4) vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and killing of terrorist elements.

As the naval forces continued to tighten the siege and control of the coastal area.

The joint combat groups of the armed forces and the police continue to organize 398 patrols, security forces and ambushes in all the cities and governorates of Egypt.

The Armed Forces and the Police confirm their determination to root out terrorism and achieve security and stability for the great people of Egypt.​