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egyptian armed forces

Egyptian Armed Forces

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egyptian armed forces

Lieutenant General Mohamed Ahmed Zaki Mohamed Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production

Armed Forces News14/06/2018

Name: Mohamed Ahmed Zaki Mohamed
Branch of Service: Infantry
Rank: Lieutenant General
DoB: 29/01/1956
College: Military Academy, Class 69
Graduation: 01/04/1977
Social Status: Married with three children

Military Education
- Bsc Military Sciences
- Holds all Infantry Qualifying Courses
- Holds all Airborne Specialized Course
- MS Military Sciences, Command and Staff College Course
- Fellowship of Nasser Higher Military Academy, High War College Course
- Senior Commander Higher Course

Main Command Posts
- Commander of the Airborne, 18/12/2008 – 11/08/2012
- Commander of Presidential Guards, 12/08/2012, and was promoted to Lieutenant General in January 2017

Medals and Decorations
- Medal of June 30, 2013
- Medal of January 25, 2011
- Medal of Training, First Class
- Medal of Military Duty
- Medal of Long Service and Good Example
- Medal of Excellent Service

Wars Participated in: The War of the Liberation of Kuwait​