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Egyptian Armed Forces

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egyptian armed forces

The General Command of the Armed Forces declares a Statement

Armed Forces News22/01/2019

Within the framework of completing the efforts of the armed forces and the police to combat terrorism on all strategic directions of the state, efforts during the last period resulted in the following successes:

- The armed forces implemented quality operations resulted in the elimination of 44 individuals Takfiri and we found in their possession of a number of different caliber rifles and improvised explosive devices for detonation and explosive belt in the scope of the second and third armies.

- In a preemptive strike for police forces, an operation was carried out by the national security forces, which resulted in the elimination of 15 high-risk suicide bombers.

- The police forces also arrested a number of (142) criminal elements and wanted criminals and suspects, and taking legal action against them.

- The armed forces seized, and reserved a number of (15) car used by terrorist elements, also a number of (43) motorcycle without metal plates during combing and raiding.

- The Air Force targeted and destroyed (56) four-wheel vehicles used by the Takfiri elements (6 vehicles on the direction of the Northeast strategic area - 39 vehicles on the strategic area of the south - 11 vehicles on the direction of the Western strategy)

- the armed forces also detected and destroyed a number of bunkers and caches to house terrorist elements. Inside, our forces found quantities of rations, a number of weapons and ammunition of different caliber and quantities of car parts in north and central Sinai.

- The elements of military engineers discovered and detonated a number of (242) explosive devices that were planted to target the raid forces on the roads in the areas of operations.

The border guards have also achieved many successes all-over strategic areas:

- border guards were able to control 104 different types of rifles, 250 rounds of different caliber, 2666 kg of cannabis essence, 6826 kg of banjo, 43 kg of heroin and opium, and 2.5 million tablets.

- It also managed to control the number of 85 vehicles and 6 motorcycles used in the smuggling, in addition to seizing of 15 devices used for mining, and seizing of a number of cash, and thwarted an attempt to illegal migration of 2189 people of different nationalities on all the strategic areas of the country.

- In cooperation with military engineers in North Sinai, six tunnel openings were discovered and destroyed.

As a result of the heroic fighting of our armed forces in the areas of operations, an officer and six soldiers were martyred during the clash and the clearing of one of the terrorist strongholds.

The armed forces and the police confirm their continued efforts to eradicate the roots of terrorism to provide protection and security to the people of Greater Egypt.