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The joint air-sea training activities "Ramses 2019" in the Mediterranean Sea​ concluded

Armed Forces News04/07/2019

The activities of the Egyptian-French joint air-sea training Exercise (Ramses 2019) carried out by elements of the naval, air and naval special forces of both Egypt and France, which lasted for several days in the territorial waters of the Mediterranean Sea, were concluded with the participation of the French helicopter carrier (Charles de Gaulle), Egyptian naval units, as well as a number of fighter jets (Rafal) side and armed helicopter and a number of Egyptian multi-tasking fighter F-16.

The training included implementing of several training activities, including the protection of an important cargo ship, the exchange of helicopters on the roofs of naval units, navigation units for joint units and training on how to do a dry supply in the sea, implementing a simulated battle between naval formations, implementing the right of visit and inspection of suspected vessels, Artillery with live ammunition on surface targets.

Air Force carried out several joint training exercises to defend and attack vital targets, plan and manage joint air combat operations and support maritime formation in carrying out its planned missions.

The training (Ramses - 2019) comes in the light of the military cooperation relations between the Egyptian and French armed forces, maximizing the utilization of the bilateral capabilities of both sides, and exchanging experiences in the method of securing the theaters of maritime operations against the various antics.

The final training phase was attended by a number of Egyptian and French naval commanders and the French ambassador in Cairo.