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The Egyptian and Russian air defense forces carry out the joint training (the Friendship Arrow -1)

Armed Forces News26/10/2019

Members of the Russian Air Defense Forces arrived in Egypt to participate in the joint Egyptian-Russian training activities of the Egyptian Air Defense Forces "Arrow Friendship -1", hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt and implemented for the first time between the two sides and will last for several days in combat fields training of the Air Defense Forces.

The training includes many activities and events which include the exchange of training experiences in the field of air defense in the light of the development of weapons of air attack and methods of countering them as well as training in securing the airspace and defending vital objectives.

It has been well prepared and planned to implement the activities and the training objectives to contribute in creating rich environment with modern skills and tactics to maximize the benefit of the training in a manner that leads to plan and manage the operations with high efficiency to unify concepts among the participating forces.

The training comes within the framework of supporting the pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and Russian armed forces, which reflects the depth of partnership relations and strategic cooperation of both friendly countries in many fields.