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egyptian armed forces

Egyptian-French Joint Aerial Exercise Conclusion​

Armed Forces News02/02/2021

The Egyptian-French Joint Aerial Exercise concluded, which lasted for several days. The exercise encompassed Egyptian and French Air Force units and took place on an Egyptian Air Force base.

The exercise implemented several training activities and joint sorties using the state-of-the-art multi-role jets fighters, the matter that reflects the advanced level that the joint forces have reached, the exercise aimed at exchanging training and tactical expertise, planning, and the implementation command and control methods as well.

The joint exercises come within the framework of developing military relations and joint cooperation between the Egyptian Air Force and its counterparts from brotherly and friendly countries.

Lt. Gen. Mohamed Abbas Helmy, the Commander of the Egyptian Air Force along with Maj. Gen. Pilot Laurent Learbet, Deputy Chief of French Air Operations, and a number of commanders of the Egyptian and French Armed Forces attended the exercise training activities.​