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The conclusion of the Egyptian-Cypriot Joint Training Activities, Ptolemy 2021

Armed Forces News19/09/2021

The activities of the Egyptian-Cypriot joint training (Ptolemy 2021), which was implemented over several days, were concluded in one of the military bases in the State of Cyprus, with the participation of elements of the special forces of both friendly countries.

The first stages of the training included holding a number of theoretical and practical lectures to identify the combat experiences of the two sides, achieve integration and harmony between the forces, coordinate efforts to implement all training tasks, identify the technical and tactical characteristics of weapons, and train on exchanging experiences in the field of first aid. The training also included the implementation of a number of Typical and atypical shootings with live ammunition using small arms from different shooting positions, as well as training of storming a terrorist hotbed in a residential area and clearing it of armed elements.

The training showed the extent to which the participating forces have reached in terms of the ability to exchange and acquire combat skills and tactics, especially in carrying out all the training tasks assigned to them.

The training (Ptolemy 2021) is the first of its kind between the special forces of both countries, which contributes to exchanging experiences and benefiting from bilateral capabilities to achieve the common interests of both sides and to enhance military cooperation between the Egyptian and Cypriot Armed Forces.​