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The Egyptian Military Academy Celebrates The Graduation Of New Courses For Employees Of The Ministry Of Transport After Completing Their Training Course At The Military College

Armed Forces News26/08/2023

Within the framework of the keenness of the General Command of the Armed Forces to achieve the maximum possible benefit to qualify the Egyptian youth and raise the level of their knowledge, cultural and scientific awareness according to modern scientific curricula that enable them to build all personal aspects in line with the development system witnessed by our modern Egypt and to maximize the use of their capabilities according to their various specializations in all fields in cooperation with various Ministries and Agencies of the Egyptian state.

The Egyptian Military Academy celebrated the graduation of course No. (10) for engineers of the National Authority for Egyptian Railways, in addition to course
No. (1) for engineers of the National Authority for Tunnels, and course No. (1)
for engineers of the General Authority for Transportation Projects Planning, after completing their training course, which lasted for 6 months at the Military Academy in coordination with the Ministry of Transport.

The ceremony began with a discussion of the course research, during which the extent of the scientific development reached by the trainees was highlighted after receiving the latest scientific materials by a group of specialists in their fields of work. The training situation was also reviewed, which included a detailed explanation of the course program and the extent of what the trainees acquired in terms of scientific and knowledge level and self-discipline which is one of the most important features of the ancient Egyptian military, followed by a documentary film that included the stages of preparation and implementation of the training courses, starting from the reception of the trainees, passing through the technical and specialized training, until the end of the course. The senior trainee delivered a speech thanking the organizers of such courses that shaped new knowledge and awareness in light of sound national and scientific basis before starting their working life to serve the country, this was followed by announcing the grades of the course.
Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, delivered a speech in which he thanked the General Command of the Armed Forces and all its Agencies for their continuous support and contribution to training and qualifying graduates of the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the vision of the Egyptian state by preparing cadres that work according to the highest levels of self-discipline and are qualified with modern sciences to work in various sectors in line with the successive technological advancement in various fields, especially after the qualitative shift witnessed by the Ministry of Transport at all levels.

Lieutenant General Ashraf Salem Zaher, Director of the Egyptian Military Academy, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the graduates and wished them success in their working lives, stressing the keenness of the General Command of the Armed Forces to continuously modernize and develop the preparation and qualification system for the benefit of the learners during the duration of their training courses at the Egyptian Military Academy. He referred to the Military Academy's keenness to provide all the essentials that contribute to the learners' acquisition of sciences and scientific and practical experiences that maximize their abilities to perform the tasks assigned to them to the fullest.

At the end of the ceremony, plaques were exchanged, and the Valedictorians were honored in recognition of their excellence in performing the tasks assigned to them during the duration of the session.

The ceremony was attended by Major General Khaled Ahmed Shawky, Assistant Minister of Defense, a number of commanders and officers of the Armed Forces, and a number of officials of the Ministry of Transport.