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The Egyptian Navy Rescues a Boat Raising the Turkish Flag in the Mediterranean Sea

Armed Forces News23/10/2020

The Egyptian Navy managed to rescue a boat raising the Turkish flag in the Mediterranean Sea after sending a distress signal at noon of yesterday due to a technical problem 270 kilometres north of Sidi-Barani.

Rescue orders were issued immediately to deploy the Egyptian frigate "Al-Zafer" (Victorious) to the boat location.

All 57 passengers (48 men, 6 women, and 3 children) were safely transferred to the Egyptian frigate.

The passengers were from different nationalities (31 Iraqis, 23 Iranians, 2 Turkish, and one Egyptian).

The boat was towed to the 3rd July Gargoub Naval Base. The Egyptian Navy provided all necessary medical aid and logistics to the passengers and crew, while the competent authorities followed all legal procedures towards the situation.​