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The First Comprehensive Center for Plasma Derivatives to Attain Self-Sufficiency of Plasma Derivatives Medicines as a Cooperation between the Armed Forces and Grifols Spain

Armed Forces News20/10/2021

The Armed Forces continues its efforts exerted to support and develop the medical system to cope with the latest technology in the developed medical fields.

The first comprehensive center for plasma derivatives in Africa and the Middle East was inaugurated in 6th of October City.

The purpose of opening such center is to achieve self-sufficiency of the medicines derived from plasma.

The project represents a cooperation between the NSPO and, a pioneer company in this field, Grifols Spain. Dr. Hala Zaid, Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Khaled Abdullghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag El-Din, Consultant to the President for Medical and Protective Affairs, Director of NSPO, Chairman of Grifols Egypt, Chairman of Grifols Spain, a number of Armed Forces commanders, and some specialized doctors in the in this medical field.

The Center is considered the first representation of a long-range strategic partnership that aims at supporting the medical system in Egypt.

20 plasma donation centers, a factory that produces medicines from plasma derivatives, and central laboratory and storage of plasma are going to be established in Egypt concurrently under the latest technology and international standards.

Grifols Egypt shall guarantee having all needed international credentials through international control and organizational agencies in this regard.

The plasma derivatives center located in the 6th of October City that was officially inaugurated today is a comprehensive complex includes plasma donation center, laboratory for testing plasma samples, in addition to a training and development centers under Grifols training academy, which plans all training programs to level up skills of the employees.

A press conference was held to present all details of the project to the mass media.

Plasma derivatives project is considered one of the priorities of the Egyptian State to get to the top level of the medical system in all medical fields and specialties to present the highest medical care to the Egyptians.​